From the depths of space you can develop spectacular moves. Intuition and inspiration do not spring from nothingness. Strategy and tactics are the prerequisits for magic moments.

EB-Sportmanagement creates the conditions both for your magic moments and any moments. By looking ahead, a systematic approach, networking and cooperation ? both on a national and international scale.
Our Service is widely diversified and differentiated ? with specialists for life- and career planning in every sector: school and professional training, fitness and nutrition, marketing and advertisement, work and transfer contracts, tax and investment counselling. From professionals for professionals.

We are looking at the whole picture, putting together the suitable pieces ? in line with your personal needs, possibilities and wishes.
Assistance for players
The truth lies on the pitch: this is known to everyone who has been to a stadium. But a lot happens also next to the pitch, before and after the match. Our personal, highly individual assistance for players does not stop at the final whistle - that is were it really starts. Naturally, we are providing a profound evaluation of the performance on the pitch, analysing video-based training and match observations.
Legal counselling
Training program
We optimize fitness and athleticism in close collaboration with former high performance athletes. Individual and specific training plans demand and stimulate physical and mental powers. They are structured in a gradual and progressive manner and can be adapted to changes at any moment. Scientifically founded, but also with a good deal of common sense.
Nutrition counselling
«Hunger is the best spice», says the proverb. But also: «Too many cooks spoil the broth». Scientists believe that almost half of the performance drops in sports stem from wrong nutrition. But what does it take to develop power and endurance, flexibility and velocity in an optimal manner? How many carbohydrates, protein and fat do you need, and when?
Proverbs won?t help answering this question. A certified nutritionist and Emeritus professor of gastroenterology, nutrition and metabolic disorders is part of our team, providing substantiated answers and plans: for the correct nutrition during basic training, while preparing for and playing tournaments and during recovery.
Financial advice
Your estate does not predominantly mean wealth, but rather trust. There are many temptations to quickly spend what you have earned. In particular for young people, in particular for professional football players. This is why a top-class counselling and a reliable partnership are of such importance: transparent and honest, progressive and foresighted. With safeguards which today are also thinking of tomorrow. Together with our cooperation partners we provide solid tax, estate and investment counselling.
«This was advertising for football», you hear after a grand match. But frequently also »advertising gets on my nerves«. One way or the other: football is a top brand that guarantees profitable advertising deals, football players are coveted advertising mediums. Choosing a product, a company or event to which an athlete lends his or her good name, is not only a question of money. It is also about reliability and honesty. We have the contacts with marketing professionals and decision-makers in companies to steer our athlete?s marketing in the right direction ? with advertising contracts that suit you.